Step 1

  • "Custom Meals" and " Meals" are delivered (25 mile radius) or ready for pickup twice a week.
  • Orders must be placed before Saturday at 1pm. Orders placed before the deadline will be available for pick up starting at 8pm on Sunday. 
  • Home deliveries will be made on Sunday between 7pm-9:30pm *Delivery Fee Applied.
  •  Meals can be ordered from our Meals Menu. You can also combine our Meals with Custom Meals with any order for pickup or delivery

Step 2

  • You are on your schedule – Flexibility exists, you decide what works for you! Meals are scheduled for your selected method of transport (Pickup or Delivery) 
  • Please note for safety reasons, if you do not pick up your meals within 4hrs of our scheduled pickup times(8pm-11:59pm), our delivery specialist is instructed to dispose of your meals

Step 3

  • When you place your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains your ORDER #.
  • The second email informs you that your order is complete and ready. Once you receive your meals all you have to do is HEAT OR COOK your pre measured ingredients, Eat and ENJOY!!

Pick-up Locations

  • 4300 King Street, Alexandria Virginia  22302-  Sundays between 8pm-11:59pm
  • 5575 Vincent Gate Terrace, Alexandria Virginia 22312. By special request only. Email







Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our clients, occasions for us to share our dedication to healthy cuisine  in exciting new ways. Please email us for more information on catering.




Email us at for questions and comments